Best job hunt app for Android : INDEED

In the 5 top most android app category, First we have Indeed.Hunting for a new job used to take hours of looking through classified ads in newspapers and many other job posting sites. Now with sites like Indeed, job perusing has improved and you are able to fine results and rationalize this process.

Indeed’s mobile app for Android lets you search for a job when you’re on-the-go so you can find your next employment venture, anywhere, anytime. You can narrow the results for specific physical regions, salary expectations or type of employment (full-time, part-time, etc.).

The Indeed app trails your search history so you will only see the consequences you haven’t visioned yet. You can also upload your resume if you want make it easier to pertain for job you’re interested in. Employers can then view your uploaded resume and see if you’re a good fit for the position.




Best robustness and lifestyle app for Android: 7Minute Workout

In the 5 top most android app category, second we have 7 minute workout. Whether you want to drop a few excess body weight or just improve your energy, the 7 minute Exercise app is a great access factor into Android-assisted health and fitness and health.

The 7 minute Exercise focuses on a short, high-concentration routine, which is strictly proven to aid weight-loss and enhance heart utility. For people who find the idea of collecting a gym account or going cross-country running overpowering, this app provides the perfect moving off factor, thanks to the succinctness of its workouts.

Unlike many Android operating system health and robustness applications, the 7 minute workout doesn’t ask for bodyweight and size or track your overall enhancement, but what it does not have in features, it makes up for in ease. You just look over the workouts, hit the start button and away you go. Begin your more healthy way of life today with the free 7 minute Exercise app.




Best digicam app for Android operating system: Camera360

Camera360 Greatest made its way onto our best Android operating system digicam applications list because it offers so many features, including more than 200 filtration, NFC photo discussing and a lot of one-touch solving tools. These alteration options are both powerful and easy to use, making Camera360 Greatest your best option for new and experienced photography lovers. It’s a wide free app that means get the best out of your Android operating system digicam.


Best GPS and routing app: HERE WeGo

HERE is The NOKIA’s own map app, which it used on its gadgets years ago. It provides everything you’d predict, such as turn-by-turn routing, look for and satellite tv visuals, but the primary attraction is its off-line function. You can obtain charts of whole nations and use them almost exactly as you would on the internet, without spending valuable MBs.



This is really variety app if you journey a lot or regularly discover your details consumption going over the restrict. The only disadvantage is that you have to subscribe to obtain charts, but it’s 100 % totally free, and once you’ve done it, you can go nut products and obtain the globe.

AirDroid: wirelessly transfer photos and files

AirDroid is a free and fast Android operating system app that helps you handle your Android operating system phone/tablet from a  web browser, all over the air. Move things on and off your Android operating system system without a USB wire. Even when the system is not close by.

AirDroid is an application that has been around since the very beginning of Android: it allows you to plug your Android operating system cellphone to a PC easily. Then, you just type in in your web browser and you get to gain access all of your

phones’ images, songs, video clips and other information.



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