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Google launched Pixel and Pixel XL

Google on Tuesday introduced its 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL phones, which represent the first time the company has taken full control of the handset development process. The Pixel will be the first phone built with Google Assistant, the company’s new digital butler that helps play music, find specific photos and make restaurant reservations, all through simple voice queries.

At a press event in San Francisco, Rick Osterloh, head of Google’s newly formed hardware group, told the crowd that Google is using devices like Pixel to more seamlessly connect hardware with its software — a central strategy its rival Apple has used since Apple’s founding.

PreBooking starts 13th october (stay tuned for more updates)


Google Assistant. Pixel is the first phone with the new Google Assistant built in. When you touch and hold the home button or say the “hot word,” the Assistant “jumps into action.” In Google’s event demo, the Assistant is used to bring up photos from a particular time or place from the past, and also plays whatever music you ask it to play, choosing your favorite music app by default. Similarly, it integrates the Google Now on Tap functionality, allowing the user to swipe up with information on the screen, such as a restaurant name, and provides further information, such as reviews and the restaurant’s address. Also, like a bot, the Google Assistant will take your reservation for that same restaurant using only voice prompts.

Camera experience. The Pixel and Pixel XL rear camera scores an 89 in DxOMark, the highest rating ever. It has a 12.3-megapixel resolution with large 1.55-micron pixels and an f/2.0 aperture. Google claims that its new camera has “the shortest capture time on any mobile camera ever.”

Endless cloud storage. Google will allow free unlimited storage for full-resolution images and videos shot with the Pixel. That’s much like the standard Google Photos backup ability, but takes off the size limit and compression, even on 4K video shot with the new phone.

An experience made by Google.
The Pixel combines hardware and software made by Google, including all your favorite Google apps, to bring you a fast, seamless, and easy-to-use experience.
A seamless glass-aluminum body.
With smooth surfaces and easy-to-grip curved edges.
Unlock fast with Pixel Imprint.
Unlock your phone quickly, and swipe down on the fingerprint sensor for quick access to all your notifications.
google pixel


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